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Personal and objective conditions of renting

For private individuals:
ˇ Valid identity card and valid driving licence.
ˇ For using rented vehicle abroad, a valid passport is also needed.

For foreign private individuals:
ˇ Valid passport and valid driving licence.
ˇ Residence or working permit, or valid credit card with funds if the renter is a tourist.

For enterprises:
ˇ A copy of the registration of enterprise or the latest decree of the Court of Registry and a current copy of signature for authorisation.
ˇ Deputies of the person authorised for signing must have certified authorisation for renting.
ˇ A copy of the latest balance of the bank account of enterprise.
ˇ Copies of valid identity cards and driving licence of those persons who will drive the rented vehicle.

The person renting vehicle must always deposit a caution in cash as much as indicated in the contract, the amount of which depends on the type and brand of the vehicle. An acknowledgement is issued about the receipt and return of caution, and its spending partially or entirely if needed. In case of losing the original, factory-made key and vehicle licence (if the vehicle was stolen), the renter takes whole financial responsibility to the extent of damage caused!