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General Conditions and Instructions

Opening hours:
Our office is open from 8 to 16, from 8 to 12 on Saturdays; it is closed on Sundays and holidays. These are the periods when vehicles can be received and returned.
After the opening hours, our office can be reached by telephone.

Receipt and return of vehicle:
Renter receives vehicle with full tank and must return it in the same way. He can only refuel at official filling stations otherwise Renter must reimburse damages caused by the use of improper fuel.
In order to avoid this, we recommend asking for invoice at every filling on which plate number of the rented vehicle is also indicated.
(The invoice can be charged together with the renting contract.)
Renter receives vehicle cleanly (outside and inside) and must return it in the same way at its taking back otherwise Letter charges cost for cleaning.

Our borrowing fees are given in days, but reconciliations are carried out on the hour. The shortest invoicing period is one day (24 h). Borrowing fee must be paid and caution must be deposited in advance when entering into contract.

The vehicle must be checked after covering a certain number of kilometres. Letter bears the costs of servicing (unless other provision is made by the contracting parties), the place and time of which the Renter is informed about. If a defect unsolvable in a short time occurs or Renter expressly requires it, Letter provides an exchange car.

Enforcement of caution:
Letter makes use of the caution up to 100% if Renter causes an accident and the vehicle gets damaged and if deterioration occurred in the condition or equipment of vehicle comparing to the state of receipt. Caution money will be spent to the extent of damage, which is determined on the basis of the Technical Condition Sheet filled out and signed at the receipt of the vehicle. In case the original factory key and the registration book get lost (if the vehicle was stolen), Renter holds full financial responsibility up to the extent of damage engendered.